TSX First Look

TSX Entertainment is launching Music Video Premieres as part of our new programming schedule. Labels and artists will be able to use our immersive platform to debut new music on our massive billboard in Times Square.

Fans gathered at Times Square will have the ability to listen to audio in sync using the TSX app, further elevating the consumer experience.  

As part of the program, the music video is played at the top of every hour for five minutes*. Labels will have the option to amplify their brand by customizing the screen, including the background, borders and logos.

* Videos cannot exceed five minutes. For videos shorter than five minutes, the remaining time may be used for marketing purposes, such as showing tour dates for ticket sales, merchandise drops, etc.
  • Three plays per hour
  • Video will play 504 times weekly
  • Three plays per hour
  • Video will play 72 times weekly

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