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Super Bowl XVII

Live Broadcast with Real-time Sound

On February 12, 2023, the Super Bowl was broadcast live in the heart of Times Square for the first time ever. Partnered with NFL and Fox, and with the support of the city and NYPD, TSX Entertainment was able to host the biggest watch party at the epicenter of entertainment.

New Yorkers and tourists alike were among the thousands who joined to watch the Chiefs beat the Eagles and Rihanna perform at halftime on TSX’s 18,000 square foot interactive screen.

Viewers were able to connect to audio by utilizing the TSX App on their mobile devices. The delight in the crowd was palpable with joyful outbursts and singalongs throughout the night.

TSX provided viewers with free hot dogs, soda and hot chocolate, surprising many to see anything free in New York City. “New York needs this,” said Nick Holmstén. “It’s a great day in February, and everyone can come and enjoy this show.”

From the Fans

“I didn’t make it to New Year’s Eve, but I’m here for the Super Bowl.”  – Jim Young, a Times Square visitor

“It's our first time, so we're getting a lot of first times in. We're making a lot of history and being part of some historic events.”  – Laquita Charleston and Alexis Hawkins, tourists from Chicago

“This feels exactly like I’m at the Super Bowl. It’s Rihanna. It’s a bunch of beautiful people. It’s a celebration.”  – Ryan Shia, a Times Square visitor

Case Study

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